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Ayurveda is the most ancient form of treatment used for patients. It is a miraculous way of treatment that uses elements of the earth that are naturally grown around the world. This gem method of treatment can be read about in the ancient books of glorifying India. It also formulates one of the prime reasons why most of the foreign countries are attracted to India and love the experience that it entails concerning treatments where other forms gave up too soon. The glory of this treatment method diminished with time, but the introduction of Ayurveda for of medicine in mainstream studies revived it back into the lives of people. We at Charaka, stand for this purest form of treatment. Our patients all over West Bengal -Asansol, siliguri, Bardhaman, Durgapur, Malda, Baharampur, Habra, Kharagpur, Shantipur, Dankuni, Dhulian, Ranaghat, Haldia, Krishnanagar, Nobadwip, Medinipur, Jalpaiguri, Balurghat, Basirhat, Bankura, Chakdaha, Darjeeling, Alipurduar, Purulia,jangipur, Coochbehar come in with the trust of getting treated for diseases with the best of the methods written in Ayurveda.
We harp on the fact that the Ayurvedic treatment is the best chance at leading a healthy life as there are no known side effects in the methods used for undertaking any sessions. We have the cure for almost every ailment that one can think about under the sun. The human body thrives under natural environment. The change in the lifestyle of people has driven them away from all these natural sources that are the prime reason for most of the persistent problems in people. Charaka has a treatment for common diseases like allergies, sinus, and back pain, etc. along with some weighty issues like liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, and facial palsy.. Charka is one of the best-known organizations to have made it into the Ayurvedic clinic list in West Bengal.
We have an in-house physician, Dr.Roy (BAMS) who is a specialist in Kerala panchakarma treatment. It is a mix of treatments that will heal your body from the toxins that you may have picked up knowingly or unknowingly. It is these toxins in the body that lead to a stressful mind and body in the long run. There are five elements in the therapy namely Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Vasti, Raktha and the Mokshana. These collectively work towards removing toxins from every inch of your body and leave you feeling fresh by the end of it. Dr. Roy has successfully done this therapy over the years and made it to the top in the panchakarma treatment doctor list in West Bengal. You can also look for him in the known Ayurvedic doctor list in West Bengal.
While the allopath may be the preferred method of treatment for most, if you are looking forward to an irreversible process of detoxifying and fixing the issues in your body then you must visit the Charaka for a great experience with no undertones of allergies or reactions to be ever known to any of our patients. We also cover immunological disorders, neurological, neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, digestive, autoimmune, skin related diseases that are common with the level of pollution in India.
We have a definitive client list that has visited us with ailments in the past and have gone back a happy and brighter person than before. It is the smile that we can put on your face and the contentment in your eyes that drives us to do the best for your health. It takes just one step to start the journey, and we invite you to begin this journey towards better health with us. It will an experience of a lifetime at Charaka that will make you fall in love with Ayurveda all over again.